Storyteller Groove Lounge Window Shade


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This window shade completes our collection for covering the last window in the Storyteller Van.  Due to the upholstered surfaces surrounding the groove lounge window and the low clearance created by the seat, we had to get creative with several factors related to mounting and opening.   We have combined velcro, magnets, and zippers to optimize functionality.

With the consideration that passengers may be sitting next to this window, the shade is designed to roll up and out of the way for the best view.  Just like all our other rear shades, this one is insulated and there is no need to find storage space for it.  Zippers allow you to open the shade as little or as much as you’d like.  Magnets keep the shade in the fully-opened position.

Proudly made in Clackamas, Oregon!

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Black Ripstop, Olive Grey Ripstop, Silver Dust, Khaki


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