Travato Insulated Dinette / Bed Window Shade (G floorplan)


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This insulated shade was specifically designed for pre-19 Travato G’s.  Due to the smaller size and low height of this window, a fold-down design provides optimal viewing access to the window.  Flip it down one or two folds to get plenty of light or ventilate.  Close it up all the way to blackout and effectively seal the window from the hot or cold.   Guaranteed to impress with its performance!

Includes black oxide-coated strips of metal and  VHB tape for mounting shade to aluminum frame of window, creating a magnetic surface.  Compatible with existing MCD shade and valance (no need to remove).

Price is for 1 shade only.   Order 2 if you’d like both the Bed and Dinette windows covered.

Note:  Outside color of all shades are Olive Gray unless customer would like something else.  Olive Gray is not visible through the tinted windows and maintains excellent stealth factor while not absorbing as much heat as black.  Please make a comment in the order notes if a different outside color is preferred.

Additional information

Interior Color

Olive Gray Ripstop, Black Ripstop, Silver Dust, Khaki

Exterior Color

Black Ripstop


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