Travato Insulated Kitchen Window Shade (K floorplan)


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This piece completes the collection for the pre-19 K floorplan.  It features the same great insulation and privacy properties as our other shades and can be mounted in a variety of orientations.  Fold it in half horizontally or vertically to expose half the window from the top/bottom or left/right.  If just needing a slight breeze, just fold one flap up or down while leaving the rest covered.

Includes powder coated strips of metal and  VHB tape for mounting shade to the aluminum frame of the window, creating a magnetic surface.  Compatible with existing metal mini blinds.

We’ve had a number of Travato owners test out different concepts of this shade and found this configuration to be the most practical and functional to use.  It’s a very tight space with the kitchen counter blocking the bottom edge, and metal blinds blocking the top edge, so some patience will be required to install the metal mounting tabs in those areas.

WARNING: when using the gas stove, please lower the metal blinds or remove this shade.  Although the materials meet the FMVSS No. 302 vehicle flammability standards. it’s made of synthetic fibers and will melt if there’s enough heat or flames touch it.

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Interior Color

Olive Gray Ripstop, Black Ripstop, Silver Dust, Khaki

Exterior Color

Black Ripstop


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